"Everyone has a style. Mine is sort of sharp, clean and what I think of as contemporary with a small 'c'. Ceramics has always been an obsession, but  I like to work with all kinds of materials. Wood is a favourite. Metal too. I have long been drawn to tabletop objects - things that we use every day and take for granted.

I blame tea - any excuse to make a cup and to sit and chat with colleagues who share my passion for design and making. I try to keep my design solutions simple. Paradoxically, simplicity turns out to be complicated, so a great deal of time in the studio is spent  on exploration, design discussion and attending to details. Naturally, it takes a lot of tea to for a well designed product to emerge!"

This is the story of my lidded bowl, made at my studio in Limerick, Ireland. In this video I take you the entire process, from concept to finished product, working with clay and wood.


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